Rapture: Beyond Thunderdome

By the time you read this, the world will have ended. Humanity will have fallen into chaos, demons will rise from the depths, and the Earth as you know it will be a forsaken wasteland where all manner of horror runs rampant. Also, Godzilla will be shitting on your front lawn.

Of course, there is the chance that it’s more Apocalypse Later than Now, and you won’t have to shovel mountains of irradiated undersea dinosaur poop just to get out of your house. For this prompt, however, let’s just assume it does.

Larry suggested we write stories about Armageddon. You can do anything end-of-the-worldy, from illustrating the precise moment the world ends to envisioning a post-apocalyptic world where motorcycle gangs do battle with hyper-intelligent apes in an effort to be the first beings to hitch a ride on a Vogon ship. Do as you please, since no one will be around to complain anyway.

Have fun killing off our existence!

Photo from here, because I’m a dork.

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