About fictionthing

As of this writing, we’re a loosely-connected bunch of writers and artists forming an online hippie commune for creative folk. We hope to someday be more tightly-knit. We also hope this tiny commune grows into something spectacular.

We love fiction. In fact, we love it nearly as much as we love [insert universal good]. We seek to create more fiction, and to encourage amateurs like us to do the same. We’re all storytellers, in whatever form we choose to express them. Through this site, we hope to encourage more people to listen (and share their own stuff, too!). We hope to collaborate on each other’s creative works, developing our talents through experience, constructive criticism, and mutual respect. We’re nice people that way.

We also need a new name, if “fictionthing” doesn’t really jive with the rest of the group. It’s really just one person developing the content for this site right now, and what the heck does he know?

If you’d like to contribute, send us an email at fictionthing (at) gmail (dot) com.

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